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Although recently founded in 2011, PAC-CO (Pacific Coast) REALTY, in reality, began in 1997 as an associate of American Mortgage and Credit (AMAC)  based out of San Diego, CA.  Prior to the real estate debacle, AMAC had captured a significant share of the San Diego market.  In fact, AMAC was the only independent agency listed as a top ten producer in the Southern California region from 2004-2006; an achievement that was accomplished through agent  cooperation, rather than agent competition.   

We realize that there are other companies that will offer similar services, but our service is driven by and based entirely on customer satisfaction, and not company projections or expectations.  Through bullish and bearish markets, PAC-CO REALTY will continue to work in a manner that is consistent with this objective.  Customer satisfaction requires mutuality, in that both parties, the buyer and the seller, deserve equal treatment.  In addition, protecting the interests of both parties will help to stabilize the real estate market, which has become highly volatile and quite unpredictable in recent times.  It is this attribute which helps to set PAC-CO REALTY apart from the rest.   

In the industry, most agents will acknowledge that buying and selling real estate requires an extensive knowledge of local markets and other financial trends; however, agents will often fail to recognize or acknowledge the importance  of a healthy real estate market as it pertains to the client.  Over the years, we have made our customers top priority, and as such, individual agent competition is not encouraged, but rather a spirit of unity and cooperation, is the company model and motto.  PAC-CO REALTY is family owned and since our inception, we have treated every customer, as if they were a part of our family.   Also, having personally resided in all three states over the course of my lifetime, provides the familiarity that is necessary to effectively market properties located within the region.  Furthermore, since we are not limited to a specific region, within a particular state, relocating or purchasing that vacation property on the West Coast becomes a relatively simple process.

In closing, if you are planning a move within the region; maybe considering a vacation home; perhaps in need of a tax shelter; or if you are new to the West Coast and looking for the perfect home, we offer our warmest greetings, thank you for visiting our website, and extend our professional services. 
Committed to helping our friends & neighbors achieve their dreams.